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Just a short note to announce, that we’ve started using Microblogging here at the netculturelab to stay up2date with what’s going on at the lab and with the projects we’re doing. Sometimes you just have a few, but relevant words to say, then microblogging might make sense.

You can subscribe and follow our feed, if you are using any of the openmicroblogging-compatible sites like or many more. If you post something related to the lab, please just use the tag #ncl somewhere in the post, to reply to someones post use @username, and if you want to send something to us, use @netculturelabdornbirn . Of course, if you subscribe to our feed, we’ll subscribe yours!

The great thing about OpenMicroBlogging is, that unlike Twitter, it’s open in many ways: People can subscribe to feeds across Microblogging servers, it works fine with open Messaging Protocols like Jabber/XMPP and the software running it is as free as it could be. Thanks to the AfferoGPL, you can use and improve the software(=Source Code) running the service yourself and host your own Microblogging service.

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