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John Draper gave a talk and presentation about his recent engagement in en2go, a media delivery platform backed by Steve Wozniak at Museumsquartier Vienna, Raum D / quartier21.

John Draper was one of the first well known phone hackers, and the first famous “phone phreak”. A blind friend of John Draper’s named Joe Engressia informed him that a toy whistle that was, at the time, packaged in boxes of Capt’n Crunch cereal could emit a tone at precisely 2600 hertz—the same frequency that was used by AT&T long lines to indicate that a trunk line was ready and available to route a new call. When the telephone system heard the whistle it stopped all long distance charges, even though the call continued until one of the parties hung up. John popularized the use of this whistle, and became known by the hacker handle “Capt’n Crunch”. John became infamous, and was arrested in May, 1972 for illegal use of the telephone company’s system. Since then, he has held a variety of positions and given interviews on his experiences during the earliest days of long distance hacking.

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Right now, John is the CTO of En2go, which is a full-service media company delivering videos.

Their customers are channel owners. Anyone can have a channel. With this channel, you can send your video to anywhere in the world. Your video consumers are people with computers. Video is delivered right to your desktop in High Def, but you can also put Quartz, Flash, or even game animations on your channel. Your channel is a service we offer through our partner LimeLight. LimeLight Content Delivery network (CDN) is our main means of delivery video to more then 15 Mio viewers world wide. A special tool we give our Channel Owners will allow you to setup clips of any type, to run consecutively, or even live. You can also put overlays like text tickers, special announcements, or even ads that are less “intrusive” then normal TV.

Hosts: Franz Nahrada, netculturelab (wikipage)

John Draper about en2go and Flyxo (www.en2go.com) on 12seconds.tv

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