March 2010

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The true trans-disciplinary conference on game-changing innovation is right around the corner. Tomorrow we will start a journey to collaboratively generate new knowledge on the challenge, how to orchestrate and configure parameters that enable profound innovations. A gathering of true innovators, academic grounders, practitioners and social entrepreneurs will inspire and spark new insights.

March 18-20, 2010
Drinkomathallen, Vienna


All speakers will build their input on the topic of Enabling. Intensive
preparations are under way in order to adjust the talks and the design of the workshops. When we speak about workshops, we mean it. Workshop facilitators, illustrators, prototype building blocks are all there. We want to see results at the end of the day!

Speakers include:
- Michel BAUWENS, An integrative approach to enabling open infrastructures, Peer to Peer Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
- Florian BRODY, Enabling the Right Mindset, Cimbal Inc., CA, USA
- Silja GRAUPE, And the Ruler of the Central Sea was “Chaos” – Cherishing Chaos from Asian Perspectives, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Germany
- Stefan CAMENZIND, Enabling Workplace Design - How would you love to work?,
Camenzind Evolution, Architecture - Design - Technology, Switzerland
- Markus F. PESCHL, Enabling — Introduction, University of Vienna, Austria
- Franz NAHRADA, Global Villages as Enabling Environments, Labor GIVE, Austria

Inspired by alternative currency systems like Freigeld, we want to experiment on alternative rewarding- and motivation mechanisms by means of exchanging tokens between participants of Enable! At registration, you will receive tokens which have a real value in Euros. You can then award the most interesting input(s) by handing over all or parts of the tokens to the person(s) generating the input. Finally, these tokens can be converted back into real Euros at the end of the convention. A little game, which may cause that collaboration efforts will be rewarded visible and maybe you are the one, who can change reputative capital into some real Euros at the end (and buy a
coffee or make holiday).

Enable! is supported by osAlliance, net culture labs, creativwirtschaft
austria, evolve, Magistrat der Stadt Wien and many others:

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